Bdhp Agreement

« Our team took this feedback, updated the agreement and made well-thought-out and thoughtful changes signed by BDHP partners in April 2020. » While it is not mandatory for researchers in our collaborative network to use the agreement, we encourage all researchers within BDHP partner organizations to verify that they can use it. Executive Director David Bunker of Brisbane Diamantina Health Partners said BDHP had received feedback from researchers and research offices on the initial cooperation agreement for its update. The agreement can save researchers a lot of time and legal costs, which means they can launch their research project faster. BDHP Research Passport Agreement is a cooperation agreement that aims to streamline research cooperation between BDHP partners using agreed legal conditions. It consists of a roof contract and an operating plan. « BDHP researchers can also add third parties using the third-party contract document. Third parties are not required to sign the terms of the framework agreement. To learn more about how the cooperation agreement can be used and how it saves researchers time and legal costs, visit us for a short webinar. You can download a copy of the agreement and a user manual on the BHDP website. The agreement consists of a framework contract and an operating plan. With legal conditions and agreed dates, the agreement reduces the number of legal audits required for collaborative clinical research and speeds up the approval process.

« With more than 60 researchers at all BDHP sites, the Passport has been a huge asset in the development of our research cooperation agreement for CPAC (Centre for Personalised Analysis of Cancers), a BDHP MRFF RART project. Professor Rik Thompson confirmed that the agreement was intended to promote cooperation. BDHP has developed an innovative new framework agreement for its partners, the first of its kind in Australia. The agreement, called BDHP Research Passport, streamlines the demanding and demanding processes of researchers under the BDHP partnership by providing an operating plan for each project prior to its launch. The provision of an operating plan with agreed legal terms and time frames allows all participating researchers and research organizations to use a unique legal agreement that protects, identifies and provides guidance to all stakeholders, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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