Vessel Listing Agreement

A centralized list agreement is entered into with a single brokerage firm, which guarantees the listing agent and the stock exchange intermediary a portion of the sales commission, regardless of what the brokerage brings to the buyer. Brokerage co-transaction agreements are standardized within the industry and allow a broker to sell an offer that another brokerage has centralized. In this way, the Central Listing Agreement provides maximum marketing incentive for brokers and individual agents and promotes the transportation of the list to other brokers. As a result, the vendor`s marketing and representation needs are better met with the Central Listing Agreement. The yachtworld guidelines – YW member esbrokers are bound by our member guidelines. For example, members agree to apply only for boats for which they have a listing agreement signed in progress by the boat owner. Although list agreements vary, they should contain the same elements as you would expect in a legal agreement. Our members agree not to accept advertising fees to promote their offers to YachtWorld. Members agree to identify a boat as a « central or exclusive list » only if it meets the yachtworld definition of a central/exclusive list. All announced vessels must be presented and accurately identified.

Yacht brokers work hard to facilitate the sale of the boats they list while protecting and promoting the interests of their clients. In addition to marketing the vessel to a wide audience of potential buyers, they help ensure that negotiations proceed smoothly through the many potential pitfalls of selling a boat. 7. The owner understands that this agreement does not guarantee the sale, but it guarantees that the broker will make serious and ongoing efforts to sell the vessel until the contract is terminated. 3. The owner undertakes to grant easy access to the vessel at all times to show that all requests from brokers or other interested parties are referred in due course to brokers to show that it is not used by the owner; inform the broker if the vessel is moved or temporarily unavailable; During the duration of the agreement, brokers display a « for sale » and replace the sign when it is removed while the ship is in use. Multiple listing services – If you list your boat with a broker, your broker can also prepare the list for co-brokerage by other brokers with the private multiple list service BoatWizard. YachtWorld has more than 2,000 member brokerage companies, with 3,000 offices and 5,000 individual yachts and sellers, all of which have password access to the system.

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