About MushRaider

MushRaider is a free raid planner (calendar tool) mainly designed to MMORPG players simple, lightweight fast and modern. It’s developed with PHP5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and use CakePHP and Bootstrap frameworks.

If you have a guild/clan/community (choose the right answer) and you want to manage your raids or events easily and fast, MushRaider is the right tool !


Calendrier des raids

Calendrier des raids


Main features

The raid planner is growing as we speak and new features come every month, but here is a list of what MushRaider can do for you.

Easy to install

Because everyone isn’t a sysadmin or web developer, MushRaider install take only 2 steps without any knowledge of Linux, PHP, MySQL… thanks to his auto installer !

Multi-Game support

With MushRaider you can create and add every games, dongeons, classes, characters… you want ! You can configure the tool as YOU want and supports every kind of games like World Of Warcraft, Rift, Wildstar, TESO, Final Fantasy XIV

Bridge (single sign on)

Sync your current users database with MushRaider to enable single sign on (with phpBB3 and Drupal 7)

Multi languages

MushRaider comes in english (default) and french.

Alt characters supports

You players have alts ? No problem, every player can have as many characters in as many games as he want and choose the right character to signup in each events.

Admin panel and customization

MushRaide is fully customizable and supports theming directly in the admin panel

Comment system

Each player can add comments wehn signing up to an event and discuss with other players.

Email notifications

Email notifications (if enable) are automatically sents when a new event is created, canceled or when the player is confirmed.

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