For the incoming features you can view the roadmap.

MushRaider v1.4.1 (01/10/2014)

  • New : Third party url is now tested before enabling bridge
  • New : Widget roster now display game logo
  • New : Users can now change their email address and username in their account
  • Change : In event only available characters are now displayed
  • Change : In event only available roles are now displayed
  • Fix : cookies for all configs
  • Fix : Validated users now receive only one notification by email
  • Fix : User’s can’t signin in past event (yeah)

MushRaider v1.4.0 (07/09/2014)

  • New : API to access some data from external
  • New : Widget module. You can now configure widgets and display them in your website
  • New : Event’s roles can now be ordered
  • New : You can now add icons to dungeons and classes
  • New : Game import based on our API
  • New : “Refused” status in events
  • New : Simple ACL module. Admins can now create user’s roles and define permissions
  • Change : bridge password encoding algorithm
  • Change : add visual indicators for ajax requests
  • Change : Dungeons admin menu is now under the Games admin menu
  • Change : events roles with 0 attendees are now hidden
  • Fix : dungeons size
  • Fix : some login messages are now more accurate
  • Fix : password recovery
  • Fix : lang cookie on some servers (encrypt)
  • Fix : in admins classes and races without game are now displayed correctly

MushRaider v1.3.6 (03/08/2014)

  • New : “Bad Kitties” list is now refresh in live
  • Fix : Calendar design in Firefox

MushRaider v1.3.5 (01/08/2014)

  • New : Can now create a template while creating a new event
  • New : Admins can now add private notes for each players
  • New : Admins can now create report for each passed events
  • New : Users can now filter events in calendar by games
  • New : Before installing MushRaider now make a system check
  • New : Add some infos about MushRaider in the admin’s dashboard
  • Change : Password recovery is now more secured
  • Change : Update core to CakePHP 2.5.2
  • Change : Image component improvement
  • Change : While bridge system is enabled, users can now log in with their email
  • Change : User minified version of some css & js files
  • Fix : When disconnected by the browser in admin, user we will be bring back to the last page
  • Fix : Officer can no longer disable of change role of Admins
  • Fix : Fix a bug in the bridge system preventing users with a different password in MushRaider and the CMS from logging in
  • Fix : App’s language change in admin is now more accurate
  • Fix : Database can now use a password with some special chars
  • Fix : Stats in admin are now more accurate
  • Fix : Roster table is now more responsive
  • Some small improvements in CSS, JS etc…

MushRaider v1.3.1 (25/06/2014)

  • Fix issues #56 and #57

MushRaider v1.3 (16/06/2014)

  • Bridge API
  • Better mobile version
  • Displays in admin dashboard users counter waiting for validation
  • Fix : warning on php 5.4 about timezone

MushRaider v1.2.2 (27/05/2014)

  • Fix : fatal error when email settings were missing

MushRaider v1.2.1 (25/05/2014)

  • Add email settings in admin panel
  • New tooltips in calendar displaying event infos
  • Fix : logo in emails in some installations
  • Fix : background image reset in some circumstances
  • Fix : event creation using the “quick creation” in some installations

MushRaider v1.2 (18/05/2014)

  • Admins can now manage players roles (Finally \o/)
  • Add a “quick create event” button in calendar

MushRaider v1.1.1 (20/04/2014)

  • Custom links are now displayed on the main navbar
  • Fix : french translation
  • Fix : dungeons admin
  • Fix : static files refresh after update
  • Fix : application cache refresh after update
  • Fix : template creation css

MushRaider v1.1 (14/04/2014)

  • Events templates : admin can now create templates based on created events and then create events based on those templates
  • Character status : each character can now be disable / enable. Note that admins can also change the characters status when editing a user
  • Class color : admin can now directly choose the class color with his hexadecimal value
  • Language : admin can now choose the default app language
  • Language : users can switch language with the new language menu in the header
  • Ergonomie : change some buttons colors and add nice tooltips
  • MushRaider updates : new notification in admin panel when an update is available
  • jQuery : updated to version 2.1.0
  • Fix : events invitation and start times are now more logical
  • Fix : disabled accounts no longer receive email notifications

MushRaider v1 release (03/03/2014)

  • Replace PhpThumb with Imagine
  • Bug fixes

MushRaider beta 3 (13/01/2014)

  • Users can delete their characters
  • Email notifications system
  • New Register / Unregister statistique for each characters
  • Admin / Officer can now disable dungeons
  • Bug fixes

MushRaider beta 2 (05/12/2014)

  • Users can set a default role for their characters
  • Admin / officer can now change the role of each users in an event’s roster
  • Event page now display players who haven’t answer yet
  • Roster summary for each games in the admin
  • Event signin now update the roster “live” when signin/signout
  • Bug fixes

MushRaider beta 1 (23/11/2014)

  • Initial “release” =)
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